How mind-boggling – the 2020 Metro Denver housing market could beat out 2019’s record-breaking activity!!

After July’s historically high home sales, August slowed down by 19% (yet it was the best August we’ve ever had). The lack of listings was the culprit, “If there were more, we would’ve sold more,” said Jill Schafer, Chair of the DMAR Market Trends Committee.” – Wow!

We ended the month with a very light selection (11% fewer listings went on the market than in July / 41% less than Aug. 2019). But regardless, buyers are eagerly making moves. Almost 8% more homes went under contract in August than July (nearly 33% more deals than Aug. 2019). Market analyst, Megan Aller at First American Title, believes our super-low interest rates are a bigger influence on the market’s demand than the pandemic.

Sellers are enjoying even higher returns at closing time. Home prices went up again – the average cost for a single-family home is $606,330 (a 5.5% boost). Interestingly, condos’ avg. sales price dipped by 2.5%.

It’s a remarkable and critical time for people to buy or sell. Let me ask – who are you in the home you’re living in right now? Does the space and location fully support your needs and lifestyle? What’s important to you today….and tomorrow?

I’d love to hear about your needs, goals, and explore options. Home has become life. Your physical, emotional, and financial security matter to me.

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