Home inspections help homebuyers make smart decisions on a property.

1) Provides You Warnings
Inspections pinpoint major defects, concerns, violations and potential threats.
You’ll be offer suggestions on how to fix or handle them.

2) Saves You Money
Inspections empower you to request sellers to pay for repairs.
Which can save you thousands of dollars!

3) Empowers You To Negotiate Price
If there are major problems, you may request a lower price.
Or discuss with the sellers how the problems will be fixed.

4) Prepares You For Future Improvements
An inspection will inform you of future upgrades.
Such as the “life expectancy” of the furnace, roof and appliances.

Source: https://www.ihouseweb.com/blog/2014/06/top-benefits-of-a-home-inspection-to-your-buyers/